How to Start Investing in Metro Detroit Real Estate at Any Age

It’s never too soon or too late to invest in real estate. However, the best time to get started is now, no matter your age, building wealth and securing a comfortable retirement through passive income. Accepting no excuses and overcoming whatever stumbling blocks may be holding you back, and taking action now means a future where your money works for you instead of you working for your money. So read on as we explore how to start investing in Metro Detroit real estate at any age. 


It doesn’t take a college degree to start investing in Metro Detroit; however, you will need an education in the real estate investment business. Professional investors at Pinnell Enterprises, LLC continually increase their education to take advantage of every possible opportunity and consistently earn the highest returns. Mentors at Pinnell Enterprises, LLC are happy to consult and share their knowledge with you as you learn the ropes.


Your networking efforts among other investors and professionals in the real estate business will pay off as you start investing in Metro Detroit real estate. Professional investors like Pinnell Enterprises, LLC understand how these relationships can help improve your business through their services or through the opportunities they bring to the table. Consulting with Pinnell Enterprises, LLC means you can instantly benefit from their network.

Market Knowledge

You must get to know the Metro Detroit real estate market before you start investing in Metro Detroit real estate. There are several unique niches of real estate in both the commercial and residential sectors, and Pinnell Enterprises, LLC can help you zero in on the area of Metro Detroit that’s best for your goals.


The actual location of a property is significant in its ability to generate income for you as you start investing in Metro Detroit real estate. Take, for example, the difference in rental rates you could earn for a waterfront or water-view property vs. one without such a view. Pinnell Enterprises, LLC knows what to look for to bring the highest returns on your investment dollar.

Red Flags

To start investing in Metro Detroit real estate at any age, team up with a trusted family member, friend or someone with a proven track record of success in buying great deals. Pinnell Enterprises, LLC can help you save time and money by spotting the red flags a novice may miss.

Property Management

It is not as simple as putting up a rent sign and collecting payments to start investing in Metro Detroit real estate at any age. Being a landlord takes careful forethought in establishing guidelines for tenants, thorough tenant screening, and proper maintenance routines. It requires a knack for dealing with people and remaining calm while answering emergency calls at all hours. Pinnell Enterprises, LLC works with full-service teams of professional property managers.

Pinnell Enterprises, LLC

At Pinnell Enterprises, LLC, your success is our success. Pinnell Enterprises, LLC can make it easy to start investing in Metro Detroit real estate at any age. Real estate investments can be exciting, especially when combined with other business or personal interests; schedule a free 15 minute zoom call with Bill Pinnell at explore your options.  Pinnell Enterprises, LLC professionals are happy to speak with you about any questions or concerns about beginning your Metro Detroit real estate investment business. Call Pinnell Enterprises, LLC at (734) 245-9654.

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