5 Reasons Why Metro Detroit Home Sellers Prefer Cash Buyers

5 Reasons Why Metro Detroit Home Sellers Prefer Cash Buyers

Once you’ve decided it’s time to sell your Metro Detroit home, the next step is to determine which sales method works best for your situation. If you’re like most homeowners, your initial thought turns to list with a real estate agent, and then you likely begin to calculate the expenses, and the dread of the showing process may begin settling in. However, there is another option that you may not have considered, seeking out cash buyers. There are many benefits to this avenue of home sales, and it is well worth your while to explore all of your options with open eyes and realistic expectations. You may wonder why so many home sellers choose to sell to a cash buyer. Read on as we explore some of the reasons why Metro Detroit home sellers prefer cash buyers.

Failed Sales

One reason Metro Detroit home sellers prefer cash buyers is the experience of going through all hoops for a buyer’s mortgage approval, only to have their loan denied. Weeks and months may have passed while your property is off the market, and you’ve lost out. Working only with cash buyers means that the deal is a sure thing. At Pinnell Enterprises, LLC, our cash buyers have the power of cash backing our offer.

Inspection and Appraisal

Avoiding the proverbial sword of Damocles hanging over your head is another reason why Metro Detroit home sellers prefer cash buyers. Not all homes will pass the inspection, and these owners are typically fully aware of that fact. By skipping the inspection phase of attaining a mortgage for the buyer, you avoid costly delays and expensive repairs. Likewise, not all homes will appraise at the value you may be willing to pay, and cash is the only option when buyers can’t obtain a mortgage for the total sales price. At Pinnell Enterprises, LLC, we buy houses in as-is condition, so there are no concerns about passing the inspection, and there is no appraisal.


Buyers can be difficult and make unreasonable demands during negotiations and may expect substantial deductions for many reasons. Therefore, Metro Detroit home sellers prefer cash buyers to avoid what can become drawn out, tense and emotional negotiations. A cash offer is straightforward, and there is no haggling back and forth over contingencies that can be costly to sellers. At Pinnell Enterprises, LLC, we’re your neighbors here in Metro Detroit, and we want you to feel good about the deal long after closing; that is why we want you to agree that our offer is fair once you’ve reviewed the numbers used in our calculations.

Skip Listing

Let’s face it, avoiding real estate commissions is a driving force in why home sellers attempt to list their property on their own; however, only around 11% of these sellers are successful. On the other hand, many home sellers in Metro Detroit prefer cash buyers who make the sales process simple while saving the commissions, marketing, and staging expenses and avoiding all of the work and stress of showings. The cash buyers at Pinnell Enterprises, LLC are local professional investors who will help you understand if listing or selling your home as a direct sale is a better option, given your preferences and current personal and financial circumstances. Furthermore, to help you make an educated decision, the cash buyers at Pinnell Enterprises, LLC will lay out all of the details on the profits you’d earn if you list vs. our offer, with no hidden fees and no closing costs.


One of the main reasons Metro Detroit home sellers prefer cash buyers is the speed with which the deal can close. Real estate agents can provide you with an average time on the Metro Detroit market for homes similar to yours; what they can’t provide you with is a closing date, nor can they promise you a buyer will show up. Time is money, especially when your home is sitting on the market and paying the expenses to hold the property. A cash buyer can often close on a deal within a matter of weeks and, in some cases, just a few days. At Pinnell Enterprises, LLC, we offer you a guaranteed closing date, with the flexibility to work with you on the most convenient day for your upcoming move. We can even arrange for our full-service team at Pinnell Enterprises, LLC to do your final clean-up once you’ve taken what you want out of the home; you can just leave the rest to us. At Pinnell Enterprises, LLC, our goal is to make selling your Metro Detroit home easy for you and your family.

The direct buyers at Pinnell Enterprises, LLC are cash buyers, who understand these, and all of the other reasons why Metro Detroit home sellers prefer cash buyers. If you’d like to find out more benefits of selecting to sell for cash and how a cash buyer at Pinnell Enterprises, LLC may be the solution to your problems, call Pinnell Enterprises, LLC at (734) 245-9654.

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