5 Things To Know About Buying Large Multi-Family Properties In Metro Detroit

5 Things To Know About Buying Large Multi-Family Properties In Metro Detroit

For many Metro Detroit investors, buying large multi-family properties is the logical next step in their investment career. It can be a game-changer for many portfolios. Learn what to expect about making the transition in our latest post! 

Have you ever considered all of the benefits that owning a large multi-family property could offer you? When you become the owner of the right property, the benefits can be beyond your wildest dreams. Many people would rather have 4, 10, 20, or even 50 people paying them to rent each month than only one person. A vacancy when you have multiple units won’t cause as large of an impact as the vacancy of your single-family property might. Below, we offer 5 things you should know about buying large multi-family properties in Metro Detroit and how doing so can greatly benefit you!

If They Can Do It, You Can Too

There are lots of ways to get into commercial real estate in Metro Detroit. Whether you opt to be involved in the purchase of a commercial office building, a retail center, or a large apartment building, you don’t have to do it alone. There are many crowdfunding platforms and ways to partner with others on deals so that even with a relatively small investment, you will be able to get in on much larger projects that you may not have been able to invest in on your own.

Finding The Right Partners

It is critical that you choose your partners wisely when making an investment together. To find like-minded people, you can use online forums, local networks groups, or simply study who is buying and where. Try to determine who you would be compatible with from an investment standpoint. You need to like the person too. If you don’t, you could find the deal heading south fast. When looking for a great partner, you will need to be one yourself. Make sure that when you work with others on a large multi-family property deal, that you are holding up your end of the bargain and then some. If everyone on your team is giving 110%, you can almost guarantee that your investment will be a successful one.

Using Other People’s Money

In some partnership situations, you can set it up so that someone else puts up the capital, while you do the majority of the work. When making this, or any other agreement with a partner, make sure to spell it all out in writing so you leave little room for disagreement and will have the ability to see in writing what the answer should be to some of your conflicts. By working with a partner in this capacity, you will be able to invest in wildly profitable properties without having to make a huge financial agreement. As your portfolio grows you will be able to make larger and larger purchases on your own, without the help of a partner.

Know Your Numbers

There are all kinds of equations investors use when determining the profitability of the building. If you want to be certain the property in question will have the capability to perform at the level you need it to, you’ll need to make sure the numbers are there.

You should be able to have a good idea of your potential ROI before deciding if a property is right for you. You may have to spend a good amount upfront, but with a high return, that sort of investment may be worth it.

One of the most critical numbers you will need to know is the vacancy rate. It makes no sense to buy a large building if nobody wants to live in it. Some buildings attract long-term tenants, while others house a more transient population. You’ll want to make sure the property attracts long term guests who want to be there. Contact Pinnell Enterprises, LLC to help you determine if a large multi-family property investment is worth it for you in Metro Detroit.

Financing May Be Easier

When buying a large multi-family property in Metro Detroit, the financing is often revenue-based. That means that the bank not only takes into consideration your financial situation but even more so, they are looking at the revenue potential of the property. If you have found an excellent deal and the numbers are all there, obtaining the financing you need may be easier than you think!

Buying a large multi-family property is the logical next step for many local investors. While the potential for profit is certainly there, you will need to make sure you have done your research as well. A lot of information is needed about a property before buying if you want to make a smart investment. Be sure to take the time to run the numbers and do the studies you need to in order to make the right decision about purchasing.

Contact the team at Pinnell Enterprises, LLC to learn more about buying large multi-family properties in Metro Detroit!

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